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Product Code: 4779038830786

Peptide complex to maintain spleen function.

  • Product Code: 4779038830786
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Packege: 30 capsules. The peptide capsule is produced from a special stable polymer of a plant origin without impurities in the form of chemical – hypromellose. Peptide bioregulator SpleenTIDE PLUS is an effective way to maintain spleen functions at the cellular level, regulating hematopoiesis, immunity protection, blood filtration, metabolic processes.

What is peptide complex SpleenTIDE PLUS for the spleen?

The spleen is the largest lymphoid organ, a peripheral organ of the immune system, hematopoietic organ. It is one of the reservoirs of blood, involved in exchange rates, defense reactions, helps to protect the immune system, is the main source of immune cells - lymphocytes; synthesizes specific antibodies to fight viruses and bacteria. The spleen destroys defective and old erythrocytes, rhombocytes, cleanses the blood from bacteria, viruses, protozoa and external particles. It accumulates 1/3 of all platelets in the body. It is also an organ that is involved in the formation of bile and iron metabolism.

Peptide complex SpleenTIDE PLUS contains a natural peptide premix of an animal origin, isolated from the tissues of the spleen of young calves. 

Тherapeutic effect of the supplement is intensified due to the increased content of peptides in each capsule, targeting spleen cell regeneration. Peptides regulate the processes of blood clotting. The bioregulator recipe includes plant extracts, iron and folic acid. Chitosan helps to remove fat from the body, promotes sleep, helps with weight loss, improves metabolism of cholesterol and intestinal motility and immune system. Black cohosh (L. cimicifuga racemosa) is officially used in traditional Chinese medicine as an analgesic (for joint pain) and fever reducing agent, for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, echinococcus of liver, abscesses, treatment of anthrax, laryngeal diphtheria. Codonopsis (L. Codonosis pilosula) is also used in Chinese medicine to improve lung and spleen functions, increases hemoglobin level and the number of red cells in blood, reduces arteral pressure and increases stress tolerance. Folic acid helps reduce fatigue. Iron is important for normal blood formation, maintenance of red blood cells and hemoglobin levels, transportation of oxygen in the body.

Intended use (prevention and in a complex therapy):

• Regulation of the processes of hematopoiesis, blood clotting

• Filtration of blood from bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, harmful substances

• Helps blood outflow during heavy loads, extreme situations, injuries

• Normalization of hemoglobin level and red blood cells

• Regulation of iron metabolism

• Strengthening of the immune system

• Viral and bacterial infections

• Improving digestion, cholesterol metabolism

• Diabetes

• Decrease blood pressure

• Prevention of gas exchange processes in tissues in elderly

How to use:  Adults: 1 capsule  a day for the duration of one month, 30 minutes after meal intake with plenty of water. Longer duration intake is allowed for up to 2 - 3 months with the severe symptoms of dysbiosis.


Allergy to any of the ingredients. Using the product during pregnancy and lactation is recommended after consulting a doctor.

Storage: Store in its original packaging, dry, protected from light, at room temperature not higher than 25C and away from children.


Peptide bioregulator with natural peptides SpleenTIDE PLUS forte helps to maintain spleen functions. It is recommended as a supportive agent in combination with the main course of therapy prescribed by a treating doctor.

 Net quantity: 19.20 g. (30 capsules of 0.640 g. each).


 1 capsule 

NRVs *


14  mg.

100 % (NRVs14 mg.)

Folic acid

200 µg.

100 % (NRVs200 µg.)

BCAA amino acid complex (peptide complex NL/1, L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, L- glutamin )

150 mg



100 mg


Black cohosh (L.Cimicifuga racemosa) herbs extract

75 mg


Bellflower(L. Codonopsis pilosula) roots extract

75 mg


* NRVs- nutrient  reference values