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Epiphysis-cerebriTIDE PLUS forte peptides for pineal gland

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Epiphysis-cerebriTIDE PLUS forte peptides for pineal gland

Product Code: 4779038830731

Expiry date: 11/30/2026

  • Product Code: 4779038830731
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Complex for maintaining the functions of the epiphysis.

Package: pack of 30 capsules.

A special capsule of vegetable origin ensures gradual release and absorption of ingredients throughout the entire digestive tract.

Multicomponent intensified peptide complex Epiphysis-cerebriTIDE PLUS forte is an effective and safe bioregulator with natural peptides designed to maintain the overall balance of the body and synchronize human biological rhythms.


What is a complex with peptides for the epiphysis (pineal gland)

The formula of the bioregulator is intensified by an additional amount of concentrated bioactive peptides of animal origin. The pineal gland (epiphysis) is the most important link in the neurohumoral system, which plays a central role in the regulation of the circadian rhythm (biological processes associated with the change of day and night) and the biological activity of the entire human body. Its main task is to produce melatonin (“hormone of youth and beauty”). The bioregulator contains a complex of bioactive peptides that interact with the DNA cells of the pineal gland, thereby activating the regenerative processes in the cells, normalizing the production of melatonin and the normal functioning of the neuroendocrine system.

Epiphysis-cerebriTIDE PLUS forte is designed to regulate all cyclic processes in the human body, reduce asthenoneurotic symptoms, the risk and intensity of a heart attack, increase efficiency and stabilize the psycho-emotional state. It is recommended for the prevention of infertility in men and women, diseases of the reproductive system and other disorders caused by dysfunction of the neuroendocrine system.

Recommendations for use (prevention and complex therapy):

  • Violation of cyclic and biological rhythms in the body
  • Impaired adaptation of circadian rhythms caused by jet lag
  • Regulation of the neuroendocrine system
  • Normalization of the function of the reproductive system, infertility
  • Weakening of the body's natural immunity and antioxidant capacity.
  • Prevention of premature aging.

Method of application in complex therapy
For adults - 1 capsule per day for 1 month, 30 minutes after a meal, with plenty of water. The recommended duration is 2-3 months

Individual sensitivity to the components; pregnancy and breastfeeding; children due to lack of data.



 1 capsule

NRVs *

Vitamin C

80 mg

100 % (NRVs 80 mg.)


55 µg

100 % (NRVs 55µg.)

Vitamin A

800 µg.

100 % (NRVs 800µg.)

BCAA amino acid complex (peptide complex NBB, L-phenylalanine, L-threonine, L-tryptophan)

200 mg


Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri L. ) leaves extract

100 mg



0,25 mg


* NRVs - nutrient  reference  values

Strengthening the protective function of the body during disturbance of circadian cycle, changes in time zones, constant light illumination in the house


Increasing the adaptogenic properties of the body

Epiphysis-cerebriTIDE PLUS

Normalization of the sleep-awake cycle

Depressive disorder, chronic fatigue


Increasing the adaptogenic properties of the body

Epiphysis-cerebriTIDE PLUS

Helps the body to fight stress and seasonal depression


Regulation of hormonal status and secretion of cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine

Neurological diseases, age-related changes in the nervous system, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease


Has neuroprotective, neurotrophic and neurometabolic effects on brain tissue


Normalization of cerebral circulation processes, activation of bioenergetic processes in the central nervous system


Epiphysis-cerebriTIDE PLUS

Normalization of metabolism and regulatory function of the central and peripheral nervous system

Restoration of the cardiovascular system functions, coronary heart disease, heart attack

CholesterolTIDE PLUS 

Normalizing cholesterol level

Epiphysis-cerebriTIDE PLUS

Regulates the work of the cardiovascular system and blood pressure


Strengthening of the vascular wall


Improving contractility and metabolism of the heart muscle

Female reproductive system: hormonal imbalance in premenopause and menopause period


Normalization of thyroid function

Epiphysis-cerebriTIDE PLUS

Restores hormonal levels, postpones the  beginning of menopause, moderates its pathological symptoms, for the prevention of infertility, tumors


Restores the work of the female reproductive system, regulates hormonal imbalance

Male reproductive system


Strengthening the health of men, prevention of sexual dysfunctions

Epiphysis-cerebriTIDE PLUS

Restores the functioning of the reproductive system, it is recommended for the prevention of infertility in men, for the prevention of tumors of the reproductive system