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Peptide complexes for men

Peptide bioregulators "My Real Way" for men are used as preventive and adjuvant means in the integrated treatment of the prostate diseases and disorders of reproductive system in men. The declining of sex hormones, including testosterone, is an age-related hormonal change in male body. The signs and symptoms of it are reducing a sexual activity, decreasing endurance and muscle mass, weight gaining, erectile dysfunction, hypertension, arrhythmia, irritability, insomnia. My Real Way complexes for cell renewal and regeneration regulate hormonal metabolism and activate the reproduction function of the body.  We recommend to use programs of complex prevention and rehabilitation taking several bioregulators, where the basic bioregulator activates cells or a target organ and additional bioregulators regulate functions of other interrelated organs or systems.  Bioregulators for protocols below are selected using traditional approach based on symptoms and clinical examination. For individual protocols, please contact your local diagnostic center, working with our complexes or email us at doctor@myrealway.com 

Prostatitis. Prostate adenoma

ProstaTIDE PLUS  – 2 capsules a day 
UrinaTIDE PLUS  – 2 capsules a day
Intended use: 
  • prostate gland diseases;
  • urination violations and pain symptoms;
  • pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, chronic renal failure.

Androgen deficiency. Erectile dysfunction

ActiManTIDE PLUS   – 2 capsules in the morning
ThymusTIDE PLUS   – 2 capsules in the evening
VessTIDE PLUS  – 1 capsule in the evening
NervesTIDE PLUS  – 1 capsule before a bedtime

Intended use:
  • to normalize hormonal metabolism;
  • to increase potence, libido;
  • to increase a level of testosterone;
  • to prevent sexual disorders;
  • nervousness, insomnia, night sweating.


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