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We are open for global partnership and cooperation

We are always looking for good partners to expand business globally and invite medical, diagnostic, bioresonance centers, naturopathic, holistic osteopathic practitioner to cooperate. We provide educational materials and test samples.
Feel free to contact us at info@myrealway.com and discuss business opportunities.


Extend the list of goods.
Become successful and profitable with the exclusive products. 


Pharmacies and Drugstores

Recommend the best bioregulators to your customers. 


Public Health Associations

Inform, advice and teach your members on unique healthcare methods and technologies.


Sports and Fitness centers

Increase the effectiveness of sports trainings and endurance of athletes.
Hasten the recovery after injuries.

Rehabilitation centers and SPA

Accelerate the rehabilitation
of your patients.


Cosmetology and Beauty centers

Enhance your procedures’ effect 
Build the beauty from the inside.