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PROTECTIONplus as natural antibiotic

Natural multi-purpose complex PROTECTIONplus can be recommended to patients with COVID-19 in combination with the medications prescribed by a doctor due to its natural composition and the ability to integrate into any therapy. The Covid-19  (coronavirus) affects the lower parts of the lungs and destroys the lungs, disrupts the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Our body needs additional support and strengthening of the immune system. PROTECTIONplus complex acts as a natural antibiotic that helps reduce viral activity, inhibit tumors and neoplasms of different types and locations, inflammatory processes, the development of autoimmune disorders, herpes, papillomavirus, hepatitis B, endocrine and age-related hormonal disorders. 

The basis of the complex consists of extracts of specially selected medicinal plants with proven effectiveness, acting on the destruction of atypical cells in various types of tumors, neoplasms, viruses, and the removal of inflammatory processes: L. Scutellaria barbata (bearded Skullcap), Pau d'arco Ant tree (lat. Tabebuia impetiginosa), Chaga mushroom (lat.Inonotus obliquus)  The effect of the PROTECTION plus complex is greatly enhanced in a combination with the use of multi-component peptide bioregulators MY REAL WAY for cell recovery and activation. According to the reviews and feedback of doctors in Italy, the Baltic States, and Russia, patients who took bioregulators during the pandemic suffered coronavirus infection an asymptomatic or in a mild form. By taking bioregulators, you help your body prepare for stress or recover from it.

Program for the prevention of lung diseases is especially important for people who suffered from diseases of the bronchopulmonary system (bronchial asthma, pneumonia, seasonal allergy)
ThymusTIDE PLUS (strengthening immunity) 
PROTECTIONplus (antiviral, antibacterial, protects the lung structure) 
MicrofloraTIDE PLUS (protection of the gastrointestinal tract and increasing immunity at the level of the intestinal mucosa) 
BreathTIDE PLUS (protection of the lung structure)

Program against panic attacks and increased stress
LiverTIDE PLUS (liver cleansing, elimination of toxins and stress)
PROTECTIONplus (antiviral, antibacterial) 
AdrenalTIDE PLUS (increased stress resistance, protection from the release of adrenaline) 
NervesTIDE PLUS (sleep normalization, apathy relief)

Program for people over 40
FlatuTIDE PLUS (help with bloating and the fight of the gastrointestinal tract against viruses)
KidneyTIDE PLUS (activation of kidney function to fight toxins)
PROTECTIONplus (antiviral, antibacterial)
ParathyroidTIDE PLUS (regulates the rate of calcium, vitamin D, which increases the body's hormonal balance and resistance to the virus)

Program for the prevention and protection of the body during a pandemic and self-isolation (with less active lifestyle)
DetoxiTIDE PLUS (rapid elimination of toxins, increased resistance to infections)
ThymusTIDE PLUS (complex for maintaining high activity of the immune system)
Epiphysis-cerebriTIDE PLUS (maintaining biorhythms in normal mode during the day - is the basis of mental health)
PROTECTIONplus (antiviral, antibacterial)

Program for those who are not at home during the pandemic in the city
LiverTIDE PLUS (elimination of toxins from the body, after eating disorders, alcohol)
Adrenal TIDE PLUS (increased stress tolerance)
ThyroidTIDE PLUS (against drowsiness and slowness)
PROTECTIONplus (antiviral, antibacterial)

Program for people over 60 during the pandemic
PancreaTIDE PLUS (for diabetes, overweight) or DuodenumTIDE PLUS (for intestinal malabsorption, to maintain the gastrointestinal tract and its resistance to viruses)
ParathyroidTIDE PLUS (normalization of calcium-phosphorus metabolism and vitamin D synthesis in the body)
PROTECTIONplus (antiviral, antibacterial)

People with low blood pressure should take PROTECTIONplus in the evening, and those with high blood pressure in the morning.
For prevention - 1 capsule;  in case of contact with sick patients - 2 capsules.

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