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How to strengthen the immune system during the pandemic.

The medicinal properties of the Chaga mushroom have been known since the time of Avicenna.

Chaga tea has been used for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, liver diseases, heart diseases, tuberculosis, and various tumors. Chaga has antiviral, tonic, analgesic properties and acts as a symptomatic agent for malignant tumors. One of its important properties is the ability to increase blood flow, which is especially valuable in the current pandemic, since covid-19 infection increases blood clotting and increases the risk of thrombosis. 

Chaga mushroom (lat. Inonotus obliquus) is part of the anti-inflammatory complex PROTECTIONplus along with extracts of other medicinal plants. Natural multi-purpose complex PROTECTIONplus can be recommended to patients with COVID-19 in a combination with the doctor's prescription.

The results of scientific research confirm the properties of Chaga and its antiviral activity to many pathogenic viruses: immunodeficiency Type 1,  herpes simplex Type 2 , West Nile virus, influenza pathogens of various subtypes and orthopoxviruses, including smallpox virus, HIV infection.

The therapeutic effect of Chaga can be explained by a very wide range of biologically active components that are formed by close interaction of birch and mushroom. Among them are high-molecular water-soluble melanins (up to 30%), forming a chromogenic polyphenol-oxycarboxylic complex with antitumor activity; pterins with cytostatic action; steroid substances, including inotodiol, which shows antiblastic activity, as well as polysaccharides, organic acids, free phenols, flavonoids, etc. Chaga also contains a lot of trace elements, primarily manganese, which serves as an activator of enzymes. Chaga extract is recommended for general health improvement of the body and it increases body's resistance to viral infections, including seasonal flu and other respiratory viral infections.  Chaga extract and tea can also be taken for preventive purposes – to reduce the risk of getting sick not only with viral diseases, but also with cancer.

Practical protocols for prevention and complex treatment of COVID-19 with PROTECTIONplus

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