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SpleenTIDE PLUS forte - new peptide bioregulator for spleen.

We are pleased to announce the long-awaited new product in bioregulators peptide line of My RealWay.

A new supplement is designed for restoration of spleen cells and regulation of hematopoiesis processes- SpleenTIDE PLUS forte.

The spleen is one of the most mysterious organs, because most people do not know why it is needed and where it is. Even after removing the spleen, life continues, although immune system weakens significantly. This is because the spleen performs several important functions in our body: protects, filtrates and hematopoietic processes.

The spleen is the main source of lymphocytes that fight against pathogens of viral and bacterial infections; destroys old platelets, erythrocytes; develops protective antibodies against pathogenic microorganisms; stores 1/3 of all platelets in the body that are involved in blood clotting.

Multi-component peptide bioregulator SpleenTIDE PLUS forte is recommended to restore spleen functions at the cellular level, regulates hematopoiesis processes and blood clotting, increases the protective functions of the body, normalizes hemoglobin levels and the number of red blood cells, filtrates blood from bacteria, viruses, improves digestion, cholesterol metabolism, prevents diabetes.

The basic composition of the bioregulator is a natural peptide premix, a tissue extract of spleen of young calves. The effectiveness of the new bioregulator is intensified by increased therapeutic concentration of natural peptides in each capsule. Peptide premix selectively acts on all cells of the tissues in the organ, performing recovery processes, regulating and normalizing the number of blood cells.

In addition to peptides, chitosan is added to the recipe formula, which helps cholesterol exchange in intestines and peristalsis, plant extracts that have long been used in Chinese medicine stimulate the processes of hematopoiesis, folic acid and iron.


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