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New MyRealWay bioregulators!

MyRealWay expanded its range of unique science-based multicomponent bioregulators by 5 new long-awaited products!  

The formulation of all of our exclusive products is developed by a group of leading scientists of the European Academy of natural sciences and the European scientific society, Department of regenerative medicine and nutrition.

Bioregulator Epiphysis-cerebriTIDE PLUS for prevention and rehabilitation of the epiphysis function can be called the "golden product" of MyRealWay series by a number of useful properties and effectiveness. The pineal gland is involved in all main processes of the organism. Its basic function is regulation of circadian biological rhythms. The pineal gland is also involved in the regulation of neuroendocrine function, functions of the immune and reproductive systems. It produces several hormones, slows down the aging process, normalizes age-related disorders of fats and carbohydrate metabolism.

Bioregulator ParathyroidTIDE PLUS is a science-based modern product to normalize the function of the parathyroid glands, regulate the hormones of parathyroid glands and metabolism of calcium.

Bioregulator Bone-marrowTIDE PLUS restores the functional activity of bone marrow cells,  stimulates hematopoiesis and is an effective means of iron-deficiency anemia prevention.

Bioregulator MuscleTIDE PLUS improves nutrition and muscle tone, accelerates recovery after injuries, is recommended during intensive physical loads, for athletes engaged in endurance sports. 

Bioregulator LigamenTIDE PLUS is an effective means to prevent problems of articular-ligamentous apparatus,  recommended at intensive physical loads and training, an adjuvant in the integrated post-surgery treatment of joints, ligaments, and tendons of the muscles. 

Learn more about new products, their composition, practical application programs in our product catalog and at our webinars, and make your order today.

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