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XV International Baltic Summit

October 7-9, 2016 the 15th International Baltic Summit will be held in Riga. The Summit will bring together specialists of international standards from different areas of traditional and alternative medicine. 

At the Summit Lidiya Tymush,  MyRealWay representative in Latvia will make a report on the MyRealWay Alliance and multicomponent peptide  bioregulators.
 Lidiya V. Tymush is a Certified Specialist in bio-resonance Medicine; Member of Anti-aging Medicine Society; Member of the    League of Nation's Health; Honorary naturopath of Europe in the field of complementary medicine. Lidiya was awarded the    Medal of Paracelsus for merits in healing and education,  the "Order of the Star of Success" for a significant contribution to the  preservation and development of ancient knowledge for the benefit of society
 Skype:    adila64
 t. 37126421035; +37126986452    

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