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MyRealWay conference was held in Budapest

On April 30, 2016, in Budapest, called  "the Pearl of Danube" the International MyRealWay Conference was organized.  Naturopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, pharmacists, therapists, directors of clubs, partners from Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Austria came to the event to Hungary.

At the beginning of the conference, a representative of the MyRealWay in Hungary Imre √ądes introduced directors of clubs and guests, said a few words about MyRealWay Alliance, the most important changes, summed up the results of MyRealWay Hungary work and shared plans for the near future.

Participants were interested to hear about products and methods of application of MyRealWay products. Speakers presented everything in details and answered questions from an audience. 

Sigitas Teiserskis - nutritionist, a member of the European scientific society made a presentation about the product, its differences, and innovativeness. Being a practitioner with many years of experience, Sigitas focused particularly on the importance of a combined, integrated application of bioregulators for maximum efficiency. 

Irina Savitskaya - Ph.D. in Medicine, Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, introduced programs and methods of supplements application, as well as shared the latest data on products clinical trial.   

During the break and after presentations, participants asked a variety of questions and had a chance to talk informally


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