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The 1st international MyRealWay conference was held in Lithuania

On March 11-12, 2016, in Vilnius, the first International MyRealWay conference was organized. The event aroused great interest among the participants.   Director and the members of the clubs, doctors, pharmacists, homeopaths arrived from various towns and cities of Lithuania.

The purpose of the Conference and Seminar was to introduce new products and technologies of health preservation and active longevity, to explain the peculiarities of unique composition and principle of multi-component bioregulators MyRealWay action. To introduce new products and methods,  the Academicians of the European Academy of natural sciences, who took an active part in the development of MyRealWay series, came to Vilnius.

The representative of MyRealWay alliance in Lithuania Audrius Bendikas opened                 the event. He welcomed participants and introduced the guests.

  Tatiana Astashova - Ph.D. in Chemistry, a member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, the Scientific supervisor of MyRealWay clubs community told about the culture of nutrition, a contradiction of diets in the modern world, 
the rationale of MyRealWay formulation and peculiarities of low-molecular new generation short peptides which were discovered in 2013.  Her presentation was  engaging, vivid, emotional, memorable, with examples from a daily life and with 
a share of humor.

 Vadim Astashov -  M.D, Ph.D. in Medicine, Professor, a member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences explained in details the prescription of multicomponent MyRealWay supplements for prevention of various functional disorders and diseases.  

 Irina Savitskaya - Ph.D. in Medicine, a member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, presented the results of clinical trials of MyRealWay  products which were conducted throughout 2015 at several clinics of St. Petersburg.  The results of these studies prove the high effectiveness of  MyRealWay complexes as preventive or adjuvant means in the treatment of various functional dysfunctions. 

 On the second day,  the seminar for specialists on methods of MyRealWay  multicomponent bioregulators application was held. At the end of the workshop, 
the participants solemnly were awarded a Refresher course Diploma issued by 
the University  of  Medical Education and Training at the European scientific society (Hannover, Germany).

 All guests and participants received excellent gifts, positive emotions  and motivation for further rewarding work with MyRealWay.

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