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How peptides work

Not all types of peptides are effective for therapy because their length and size are crucial as well as a capsule.
You can get more information about types of peptides here 

Therapeutic effect is achieved with natural peptides of animal origin in vegetable capsule only.
That is exactly what we offer to our consumer – short bio-active low-molecular natural peptides of animal origin in non-gelatin capsule.
Peptide premixes are extracted from calves (young cows in their first years). Young cows are bred in isolated farms excluding any chance for infections.

Each peptide chain consists of 2-5 amino acids. The molecular weight depends on a premix and ranges from 280.34 g/mol to 588.55 g/mol.
Each premix has its series, where the first letter "N" means Natural, and the second letter indicates what it is aimed at. 
All vital nutrients in a capsule enrich and enhance each other. My Real Way products are not ordinary dietary supplements. To know why, please read more about the advantages of our complexes over traditonal dietary supplements.  

Natural Peptides + Minerals Vitamins + Herbs = My Real Way vegetable capsule