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About Alliance: Peptide Bioregulators for healthy living

The International Alliance MyRealWay consists of scientists, research institutions, manufacturers and trade companies, holistic medical centers, naturopathic, osteopathic practitioners, nutritionists from different countries united by one goal - development, production, evaluation of the effectiveness of multicomponent peptide bioregulators for cell regeneration. Our practitioners design practical protocols for the prevention of diseases and rehabilitation. "Real Way" company with its offices in Belgium and Lithuania is responsible for representative functions of the Alliance.

The leading scientists of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Germany, Hanover) developed the uniques formula which has no analogues in the world. Each peptide bioregulator contains a natural peptide premix of animal origin for the target organ, natural minerals, vitamins, and extracts of medicinal plants. All ingredients are carefully selected and combined to enhances the effect. The vegetable capsule made of a natural polymer – hypromellose,  plays a particular role with its exceptional properties.

My Real Way is a fast-growing company. Constantly monitoring innovative developments in the field of Biomedicine, selecting the best of them, communicating with practitioners and scientists, we create new natural products and improve the formulation of our existing products. In just a few years, we have entered the markets of many countries with our bioregulators and have official distributors and partners in many European countries.

2010 – the start of scientific development of peptide bioregulators
2015 – the release of the first experimental batch of products
2016 – mass production of cell bioregulators with peptides
2018 – sales of the multi-purpose complex PROTECTIONplus
2019 – introduction to the market of EXTRACTcleansePLUS 


The product assortment includes cellular bioregulators for men and women, for the cardiovascular and nervous system, for strengthening immunity and blood formation, for bronchi and lungs, vision and hearing, the endocrine system, adrenal glands, liver, pancreas, digestion, duodenum, kidneys, strengthening of bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles, skin and hair.

We carry out the quality control of our products at all stages, from development and production to consumer promotion. All "My Real Way" bioregulators for cell regeneration are manufactured according to ISO standards using high quality ecological raw materials from European suppliers and high technology equipment. Multi-level laboratory monitoring and work to improve the composition and efficiency of products is our ongoing and regular process. 


Certification is carried out under European regulations and is confirmed by international HACCP and GMP certificates. Products do not contain chemical components, GMOs, and are suitable for vegetarians.


Working with research organizations, medical clinics,  and SPA facilities is significant for the Alliance. Specialists in many countries use our products in their practice. We are looking for collaboration with experts in preventive, restorative, holistic medicine, naturopathy. Cooperation with practitioners is of particular interest. We regularly conduct webinars on peptide therapy, how to prescribe our cellular bioregulators, and combine peptides with other medicines and treatments. We also provide professional literature for practitioners. For cooperation, please email at info@myrealway.com