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10 advantages of bioregulators over food supplements

My Real Way peptide bioregulators are not traditional dietary food supplements due to these key factors of high efficiency.

The basis of our bioregulators –  short natural bioactive low-molecular peptides with therapeutic effect purified of admixtures.

Balanced multi-component composition 
Each “My Real Way” capsule contains vital nutrients: bioactive peptides, minerals, vitamins, herbs. The composition of each complex and the nutrients’ quantity are selected individually to restore functions of organs on a cellular level. You do not need to buy anything extra. The name of each bioregulator communicates information regarding the multi-component composition and purpose of the complex. For example, CardioTIDE PLUS means that the complex is intended to restore functions of heart (cardio). TIDE is from the word "pepTIDE". “PLUS” implies that this complex contains minerals, vitamins and herbs for heart additionally to peptides. 

Synergy and 100% digestibility of ingredients
All components are selected to complement and enhance the effect of each other. Peptides trigger cell synthesis, minerals rearrange amino acids in the right order for the body, vitamins give energy to minerals to rearrange amino acids, enzymes start the work of vitamins, and plant extracts activate cellular metabolism. As a result, the process of bioregulation begins, vital processes in the body are activated and regulated. The body begins to restore itself. An important principle of peptidotherapy — 100% digestibility of ingredients is ensured by the fact that peptides act as conduits for vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, bringing them to the cell.

Vegetable (non-gelatine) capsule
Unlike gelatin capsules, natural hypoallergenic herbal capsule made of hypromellose is resistant to amino acids and dissolves slower. This promotes gradual release and better absorption of nutrients by the cells throughout the passage of the digestive tract. It protects nutrients from oxygen, daylight and ensures their entry in the blood through the small intestine. My Real Way vegetable capsule retains the therapeutic properties of natural peptides of animal origin and their effect in the small intestine. My Real Way capsules do not cause allergies and are suitable for people of various cultures, dietary traditions, as well as vegetarian, kosher and Halal food systems.

Selective impact on organs
The composition of every bioregulator includes peptide premix targeted at cells of a certain organ. Each organ has its own peptide premix and its bioregulator. My Real Way peptide bioregulators restore cells, eliminating not the symptoms of the disease, but the cause.

The biological value of products is kept due to new technologies:

Non-allergic. Non-toxic. Non-hormonal
“My Real Way” complexes are entirely devoid of artificial additives. All our products contain the natural ingredients only.

Wide assortment
Broad range of bioregualtors allows combining several complexes for individual practical protocols to maximise effect.

Long-term effect after administartion course – from 6 up to 12 months.

Interactions with other medications
The intake of our product may be combined with any groups of medications and integrated into any therapy. Practitioners recommend and administer our bioregulators after surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy for a quicker recovery.