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About Alliance: Peptide Bioregulators for healthy living

Peptide Bioregulators: Preserving Youth, Extending Human Life, Rising its Quality - the primary strategy of the International Alliance  “MyRealWay”.  We create innovative products and provide a reliable and effective way to active longevity to anyone and everyone. 

The International Alliance MyRealWay consists of scientists, research institutions, manufacturers and trade companies, medical and health centers, naturopathic, osteopathic practitioners, nutritionists from different countries united by one goal - development, production, effectiveness evaluation, designing practical protocols for anti-aging, diseases prevention as well as sales of the unique products to support your health resources.  "Real Way" LLC with its offices in Belgium and Lithuania is responsible for representative functions of the Alliance.

The initiative in establishing the European Branch of Regenerative Medicine and Threpsology of the European Scientific Society (Germany, Hanover) is an example of successful international cooperation of the Alliance members. (http://ewg-board.eu/wiederherstellung-nutriciology)

The leading scientists of the European Academy of Natural Sciences and the European Branch of Regenerative Medicine and Nutritiology have developed the unique formulation of scinece-based multicomponent peptide bioregulators  "My Real Way"  to  make up reserves of vital biologically active nutrients in the body.

The primary objective of the Alliance is explaining the necessity of early prevention of aging and diseases.  We organize educational and informational programs, seminars, conferences, open discussions with leading specialists, experts in rehabilitation medicine and nutrition. The central idea of such events is introduction of the latest practical methods and non-drug technologies of health improvement and rejuvenation.