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Peptide bioregulation for cell regeneration

There are many types of peptides used in medicine, sports, cosmetology. Peptides can be synthetic, natural, vegetable, animal origin, long peptides and short. Peptides are ingredients in food supplements, anti-aging creams, tonics, shampoos, toothpaste, capsules, injections. How to choose the best products with peptides for prevention and treatment?

What are peptides?

Peptides are chains of amino acids. In other words, they are small proteins - essential building blocks of our body. Any disease is a cell pathology. The body must get a constant supply of peptides. Once in the cell, peptides accelerate the process of protein biosynthesis interacting with cellular DNA. Despite its size, these small chains are vital biological entities capable to trigger restoration processes at the cellular level, activate body resources, prevent diseases, inflammations, aging. Peptides are not hormones, they are non-toxic and do not cause allergy.


  • ​Rejuvenate cells
  • Eliminate causes of disease
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Regulate protein synthesis
  • Transfer inter cellular information

Peptides prevent: 

  • diseases, disorders
  • inflammations
  • digestive disorders
  • neoplasms and diabetes
  • heavy metals accumulation 

How peptides work

Their mechanism of action could be compared to a key and a lock. Each peptide has a specialization, its target organ’s cell as a key matches its lock. It penetrates a cell and launches the rejuvenation reactions.
As a result, the organism launches its natural bioregulation and regeneration on a cellular level. The effect is soft and long-lasting.


What peptides are used in My Real Way bioregulators?

The only type of peptides with the therapeutic effect is short natural peptides of animal origin. We use natural bioactive peptide premixes extracted from organs and tissues of young and healthy calves under the age of one year. Animals breeding farms are isolated and protected from any external infections. 
The peptide chain consists of 2-5 amino acids. The molecular mass depends on the premix and is 280.34 g/mole - 588.55 g/mole.  The first letter of the series N means "natural", and the second letter indicates the organ intended for treatment. 
The vegetable capsule made of hypromellose helps preserve the therapeutic properties of peptides and all other vital nutrients. This capsule dissolves much slower than gelatin, thus ensuring the gradual release of nutrients throughout the passage of the gastrointestinal tract. Through the small intestine, peptides get into the blood and further into the cells. Peptides nourish and rejuvenate cells, and vitamins, minerals, and herbs enrich and nourish the intercellular space. All ingredients are selected in such a way that they improve each other's effectiveness.  

Here you can learn more about advantages of My Real Way bioregulators with peptides over traditional dietary supplements

Natural Peptides + Minerals Vitamins Herbs = My Real Way vegetable capsule